Costa Gavras


Costa-Gavras is a Greek–French film director and producer, famous for his political movies, and especially his thriller Z, as well as for some interesting comedies. He has received a number of awards, among which the Cannes Film Festival Best Director Award, the Academy Award for Best Adapted Screenplay, as well as the London Film Critics’ Circle Award for Director and Screenwriter of the Year.

Most of his movies have been made in French; however, six were made in English: Missing (1982), Hanna K. (1983), Betrayed (1988), Music Box (1989), Mad City (1997) and Amen. (2002). He produces most of his films himself, through his production company K.G. Productions.

Personal Quotes
I made Z (1969), first, because I am Greek-born. Secondly, because I felt I would like to do something. Some people sign petitions, others go to the streets – I do something as a filmmaker.
The best way to become completely crazy is to say, ‘Okay we’ll do a movie to change society’.
To make an American film is the dream of every European filmmaker



As a Director

Photograph of the head and upper body of a smiling man looking well to the left of the camera. He is wearing a collared shirt and a pullover sweater underneath a jacket. He is apparently sitting, and well behind him there is a street with two cars visible.

Costa-Gavras in April 2008, during the filming of Eden in West

As an Actor