Géla Babluani


Géla Babluani is a Georgian-French Filmmaker.

Born(1979) in Tbilisi. He’s son of prominent director Temur Babluani. At 17 years of age, he and his three siblings were sent to study in France. His first short film, A Fleur de Peau (2002), received critical appraise. His first feature-length film is 13 Tzameti, won the World Cinema Jury Prize for a Dramatic motion picture at the Sundance Film Festival. In 2006 he directed a film L’Héritage with his father about several people from France who visit Tbilissi to for an inheritance. He also made an American version of 13 Tzameti titled 13.

Personal Quotes

The same childhood memories often come back to me, fixed images, like rays of light, which cut through the darkness. Those images are always vaguely present. I would like to grasp this slipping phenomenon through an initiatic journey inside a closed world, at the heart of the intersection of different trajectories and interests, the only way out of where is a cold survival instinct. To give substance to the story, I would like to pursue with the camera the characters in the mechanical execution of unwritten rules and, through precise directing oh the actors, reveal their complexity and singularity. Using broad framing and directional lighting to make the changes from shadow to brightness more striking, I aim to find the right tone for the film and prepare the final stage of the creative process: the editing.