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Hawking’s brief history | 123 minutes

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The Theory of Everything is a delightful, twirling, and cheerful film with many moments of man’s life that sometimes go out of control. It’s also about battling love, battling illness and revolves around the universal theme of despair and hope and all said is the good news of Eddie Redmayne, the actor portraying the character of Stephen Hawking and winning his first Golden Globe Awards as I write it today.

This British production directed by documentary film maker James Marsh (remember ‘The Man on Wire’), stylishly at best, a stern simplistic in a very captivating mode and the story is adopted by Anthony McCarten from the memoir by Jane Wilde, Hawking’s wife of 30 years-‘Travelling to Infinity’: My Life with Stephen. The movie deals with the relationship with her ex-husband, theoretical physicist Stephen Hawking, his diagnosis of motor neuron disease, his display of those worst effects and his success in physics

It’s meeting of epochs and the year is 1963, explores us to the Cambridge University. Stephen Hawking (Eddie Redmayne), an astrophysics student meets a fellow student of literature Jane Wilde (Felicity Jones) in the college party. The two bond quite well persuading for their PhDs. Though seem an odd match in the start, and soon become inseparable. Hawking an atheist, she’s Church of England arts student. His laid back attitude and speciously complacent with his work as we get to watch his peers struggle with a problems set by Physics teacher Dennis Sciama (David Thewlis). Hawking’s flair and knack in his scribbles and equating to the solutions takes his talent blazing.

The film gets intense when Stephen first notices his problems about his body moments; expressly he struggles to walk quickly and begins to wonder about black holes, and speculates that those are been a part of the creation of the universe. Stephen tells Jane his theory, and that he desires to wind back the clock to the beginning of the universe to see what happened. During his research process, Stephen’s muscles bead out during his walk to the hospital, the doctor tells him that he has motor neuron disease, and that although his brain might perhaps remain unchanged, his muscles possibly soon be uncontainable, incapable to walk, talk, or move his body and has two years to live around

The sign of intimacy seen on Jane and Stephen, soon express their love to each another, as Jane wins the confidence of Stephen’s parents to stick by him. Cheered up by Jane and his friends, Stephen tells his professor that his thesis paper possibly in about time. When asked ‘what about time?’ Stephen merely responds ‘time’. Soon after, Stephen and Jane marry and soon have a son.  Stephen’s ability to talk becomes worse because of the motor neuron disease. When he finally presents his thesis to the examination board that a black hole was responsible for the creation of the universe, the response stands overwhelming, thou with some errors, his theory is accepted as revolutionary, and is awarded the doctorate. While celebrating with Jane and his friends, Stephen realises he is now unable to walk, and he becomes dependent on a wheelchair. With time having a second child, a daughter, Stephen has a theory about the visibility of black holes. He presents his theory at a lecture where the professors are astounded that the discovery is a breakthrough and become the first person able to.

Stephen thus rises to fame as a world-renowned physicist, cheers up the celebration with his friend Brian that night. He soon gets an electric wheel chair, allowing him to move around with the limited hand function he has left, and begins to play with his children again. Though, focusing on her kids, Stephen’s health, and his increasing fame, Jane is unable to get work done on her own thesis paper, leading to her frustration. Jane’s visit to her parents and speaks to Stephen about her increasing depression. Stephen willing to help her out and soon join the church choir at the behest of her mother.

She meets a handsome conductor named Jonathan. She and Jonathan become close friends, and employ him as a piano teacher for her son. Jane, Jonathan, and Stephen soon have dinner together, Stephen and Jonathan becoming friends as well. He soon becomes a friend of the entire family, helping Stephen with his illness, supporting Jane, and playing with the children.

Jane becomes pregnant for the third time. After giving birth, visit Stephen’s parents once again, bringing Brian and Jonathan along. Stephen’s parents see how Jonathan gets along well with the Hawkings, and ask Jane if the baby is his. Jane is appalled to think so, but sees that Jonathan overheard the conversation. Jane tries to stop him from leaving, and despite the fact the two are alone outside, Jonathan admits that he has feelings for her. Jane admits she has feelings for him as well. He then stays away from the family for a while, but Stephen visits him, saying that Jane needs him

Stephen is invited to a concert in Bordeaux in his peak of fame. On the other side, Jane and Jonathan take the children camping. During then in France, Stephen contracts pneumonia, as Jane quickly visits the hospital. The doctors tell Jane that’s the way to save him is with a tracheotomy, could well render Stephen speechless. Jane decides for his operation and quickly past his surgery, Stephen gets into the depression. Those moments make Jane say goodbye to Jonathan for what she believes the final time. Jane hires a nurse Elaine and Stephen begins to use a spelling board to communicate the nurse. The two get along well, and Stephen soon buys a computer with a voice synthesizer built in, that responds to clicks from Stephen, he is able to use it to speak nearly in the normal pace again. Stephen uses this to write a book, ‘A Brief History of Time’, that becomes an international best-seller.

On his call to America to accept an award, Stephen takes his nurse Elaine and becomes a trigger for Jane about their relationship of trust being faded and no longer should remain married to each other and the inevitable happens.  Stephen expresses his love to Elaine and Jane comes together with Jonathan.  Stephen at his lecture in America undergoes emotional experience of inability, sighted to pick up a pen of a student off her desk. He then gives an inspiring speech about human endeavour, the audience giving him a standing ovation.  Years later Stephen invites Jane to meet the Queen with him and soon reunite again. The two happily talking in the courtyard, seeing their children playing, Stephen joyfully typing “look what we made”…. Thus the final scene rewinds to their first meet and mirror Stephen’s wish to reverse time, beginning of the universe. The closing text states that Jane and Jonathan later married, and that Jane and Stephen remain close friends to this day…..

The Theory of Everything strongly elucidates the dignity and value of a life, even in the condition that someone is devastatingly wedged by disease. At a life-threatening juncture when Stephen is in a coma, the doctors explain to Jane that they’ll have to do a tracheotomy for him to breathe, that means he may well never speak again or his life go degraded and remain as a vegetable. Jane’s stern willpower and sacrifice to keep Stephen alive is tenderly captivated

Eddie Redmayne transformation’s into Stephen Hawking is something remarkable and the movie in it’s realistic and well-upholstered biopic grace the audience very beautifully and the emotional punch, however, comes from the trauma the disease wreaks on Hawking as one half of a couple. Felicity Jones makes for a formidable opposite number, consistently a brilliant actor.

It’s a rare thing for a movie to feel exceptionally inspiring and yet deeply depressing all at once. so true in nature that the character of Jane Wilde, stands so brilliant and strikingly the women of integrity of what life receipts her, strives the bitter-sweet life into very own heartstrings of tears and smiles…. A well told and a sweet story

Film Crew

  • Directed by James Marsh
  • Produced by Tim Bevan; Eric Fellner; Lisa Bruce & Anthony McCarten
  • Screenplay by Anthony McCarten
  • Based on Travelling to Infinity: My Life with Stephen by Jane Wilde Hawking
  • Casting: Eddie Redmayne; Felicity Jones; Charlie Cox; Emily Watson & Christian McKay
  • Music by Johann Johansson
  • Cinematography Benoît Delhomme
  • Edited by Jinx Godfrey
  • Production Company: Working Title Films
  • Distributed by Universal Pictures
  • Release dates:7 September 2014 (TIFF) & 1 January 2015 (United Kingdom)
  • Run time of 123 minutes
  • Country: United Kingdom
  • Language: English

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Hawking’s brief history

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